Children's collection
Examples of products

Baby's quilt - 80/80cm or 100/135cm with rainbow-coloured piping
(Article 5075)

This is an attractive, high quality children's comforter.
320gm original, white, Polish goose feathers (size 100/135cm) ensure very good insulation and therefore a healthy sleep for the child.

Children's pillow 40/60cm, 3 staggered channel walls, filled with 80gm original, white, Polish goose feathers (Article 7505)
The child's head rests on a soft down filling and is not in contact with hard spots or under pressure.
The children's stitched box construction comforter and the children's pillow are available separately or together as a set.

Children's stitched box comforter 100/135cm, 3x4 boxes,
filled with 350gm original, white, Polish goose feathers
(Article 7505)
The 3cm internal channel walls prevent the filling shifting and creating cold spots.
This quilt has become one of the classics on the children's bedding market because it guarantees a healthy sleep for growing children and is an extremely cost-effective product.

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